Oh Tuesday. Statistically my very least productive day of the week. A little rhythm and verse for the day…

“I’m desperate for the sea”

he always said

He was obsessed with the salt

you see, in this sea of his

So he had it

day by day, that sodium crave

His lips went red,

then cracked like his hands

“More sea please,”

he croaked, his throat

raw and raspy

from brine intimacy

Slowly dehydrating,

dryly he denied

dropping water weight

while losing his hair

Even when it rained –

the good clean stuff –

not a drop ran down

his parching throat

“Let me slake my thirst,”

he gasped, his mouth

full of sea

like a lot of last words actually

The final outcome

of the duel between

brain and body:

then it slaked him.

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