Dub techno has become an amorphous phrase, basically the genre given to those analogue experiments on the electronic 4/4. Marx Trukker is one of those treading the far left of classic, maintaining form with techno basslines textured by crackles and tape delays, and a clear addiction to analogue noise makers.
The title track builds a techno bassline with soft kicks and bass. Tape delays and a slow succession of gravelley crackles texture the atmosphere alongside a monotone synth.
The Pretty Gristly Mayfair Tale takes the groove down, keeping bpm with a compact bassline scratched up by glitch and crackle. A flutey synth note slinks in and out, reverbs keeping the murky atmosphere.
Muted kick drums and open hi hats build a waterlogged beat in Corn and Gristle, an almost romantic track that reinforces Marx Trukker’s ability at the ambient synth melody warping around techno bass.
There’s also a killer remix of Tape Be Good To You from Dimitar Dodovski, opening with dirty decelerated pulses, synth stabs and tape delays riding on the lazy bass. Like the rest of the EP, there’s a discordant balance between atmospheric melodic sounds and harder bass, tracks drawn out by the exploration of single sounds. It’s complex, slightly weird yet oddly tender – the experimental side of the experimental side of techno.

via @GuerillaSounds http://guerillasounds.com/2012/05/marx-trukker-tape-be-good-to-you-greta-cottage-workshop/

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