The line between live music and its electronic flip side blurs more every year. Guys who call themselves bands are actually just the one dude with a synth, while producers huddled in the studio most weeks of the month get their performance kicks with a live set for the dancefloor.

Amirali is the second, a DJ and a producer with a killer live show made of on-the-fly cuts, loops and re-edits. The Iranian/Canadian is relatively fresh to the scene, a recent signing to Crosstown Rebels who blew up on underground house music radar when he caught the eye of Rebels head honcho Damian Lazarus simply by ‘sending in a few tracks’.

Cue his debut commercial release on Lazarus’s compilation Get Lost 4 with ‘My Way’, followed by an EP packing the tech-house hit Beautiful World – all while finishing an architecture degree.

A year and a half on from that initial meeting, Amirali’s first full-length is out on Crosstown Rebels. ‘In Time’ is a keys-led, sometimes nostalgic tread through downtempo electronic beats, a blurring of disco, funk-lite, house and classic piano progression – in other words, a fine addition to the increasingly eclectic artist lineup on this crossover house label.

We got the man down for a chat about his classical training, whether he should start a band, and how music is basically a type of maths.

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