Has anyone seen Hong Kong’s coast? By Natasha Stokes

The coastline of Hong Kong is exactly as you’d expect. Heavily built up, industry as far as the eye can see, and at Central, glistening towers of commerce in prime waterfront positions. Efforts to get at the coast are rebuffed by barbed wire fences, ominous “keep out” signs and four-lane highways. It’s not exactly Barbados.

In this fine city of ours, a loss of environmental aesthetic has been the tradeoff for a booming economy. Most recently, we’ve reclaimed tons of land along the Central waterfront for a pier, the sea of concrete known as the Tamar site, and a bypass which will effectively block off all three districts between Central and Wan Chai from the harbor. To top it off, huge industrial buildings like North Point’s Java Road market and Cyberport render the coastline completely inaccessible.

Click below to enlarge scan of original article published in HK Magazine:

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